Improvement Planning

The plans included on this page are the guiding documents for programmatic and budgetary decisions made within and throughout the district. Depending on plan type, some are developed annually, while others are set as multi-year efforts. Regardless, all plans are at least reviewed on an annual basis to be sure they are current and relevant to the current needs of all Triton students.

  • The District Strategy for Improvement is the overarching document that sets the areas of focus for the coming year and is approved annually by the School Committee.

  • The School Improvement Plans are developed by the School Council at each building, which is co-chaired by the building principal and another member of the staff or community. These plans set the school-specific areas of focus, but align to the overall work and areas of focus envisioned in the District Strategy. These are set as a 3 year plan, but updated annually.

  • Other plans included are in various cycles of review.