Our officers for the 23-24 school year:

President Deb Mariniello
VP Tammy Sicard
Treasurer ​Lisa Colbert

Triton Music Parents Organization

The Triton Music Parents Organization (TMPO) is a non-political, non-profit self supporting group that is organized to lend support and aid to the school Music & Performing Arts Program and any activities in which the program may participate.  This support may take the form of awards, scholarships, or funding for special activities or equipment.

TMPO can be contacted via email at [email protected]

If you are willing to help along the way, please click here to give us your info!

Meetings Information

Topics listed below are updated periodically, so be ​sure to check back as meeting dates approach.

September topics:

  • Planning for the year
  • Electronics Recycling

The next TMPO meeting is scheduled for October 5th@7pm Via Zoom.

A Zoom link will be available Email Natalie Safley to get it.