Title I District Contact

    Title I aims to help districts and schools with high percentages of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds meet proficient and advanced levels of academic achievement. This is done by implementing effective, research-based instructional strategies in math and ELA that increase the amount and quality of learning time and accelerate achievement.

    Salisbury Elementary School is a Targeted Assistance Title I school. As a result, qualifying students receive supplemental instruction in a small group setting by Title I teachers. These teachers work closely with classroom teachers to ensure students’ academic needs are met. Students’ progress is monitored bi-weekly and interventions are adjusted when needed. In addition to providing support to students, the Title I staff offers various workshops and presentations to parents of Title I students. The Title I resources are supplemental to what the district provides. Having the additional resources has made a positive impact in closing the achievement gap and ensuring all students to reach their full potential.