Finance Subcommittee:


  • To receive monthly monitoring reports on revenue, expenditures, and revolving accounts
  • To recommend in-year budget adjustments to the committee as necessary
  • To oversee the development of the capital program
  • To receive audit reports
  • To consider matters of a financial nature referred by the School Committee


Personnel & Negotiations Subcommittee:


  • To take primary responsibility for contract negotiations with bargaining units

  • To determine salary ranges of personnel not part of a bargaining unit and review job descriptions as part of the process

  • To advise the School Committee on hiring to positions directly controlled by the committee

  • To review proposed evaluation arrangements and make recommendations to the School Committee


Policy & Advocacy Subcommittee:


  • To review and establish policy recommendations

  • To address policy changes that are required in the course of doing business

  • To develop an advocacy platform for district-wide initiatives

  • To coordinate the connections with local and state officials on matters of importance to the district