How Much do School Meals Cost?

Currently, the price of meals are FREE. Every student is eligible to receive one FREE breakfast and one FREE lunch every day!

A second breakfast is available daily for only $2.00 for grades K-12.

A second lunch is available daily for only $2.90 for grades K-8 and $3.15 for grades 9-12.

What is Included in a School Meal?

Breakfast consists of:

  1. Two servings of Meat/Meat Alternate OR two servings of Grains/Breads OR one serving of each
  2. One serving of Fruit or Vegetables
  3. One serving of Milk.

Lunch consists of a minimum of:

  1. One serving of Meat/Meat Alternate
  2. One serving of Grains/Breads
  3. Two (different) servings of Vegetables OR two (different) servings of Fruits OR one of each
  4. One serving of Milk
What if my Child Doesn't Drink Milk?

Lactaid milk is available upon request. Juice is available daily for those children who don’t drink milk. Please contact the food service director to have this option available for your child.

Can my Child just Purchase Milk?

Yes. The cost for milk at all schools is $0.60.